A linux wireless management client
by Don Park <donp@personaltelco.net>
AP Radar is a Linux/GTK+ based graphical netstumbler and wireless profile manager. This project makes use of the version 14 wireless extensions in linux 2.4.20 and 2.6 to provide access point scanning capabilities for most models of wireless cards. It is meant to replace the manual process of running iwconfig and dhclient. It makes reconfiguring for different APs quick and easy.
AP Radar was first introduced as a talk on June 26th 2002 at a Personal Telco Project meeting in Portland Oregon.
Screenshot taken 5-Jul-2004 inside a home in Portland, Or.
Version 0.52 is the latest release

  • Slides from the introduction talk in on-line HTML or OpenOffice Presenter format
  • DIVX video of the presentation. avi file. 28MB.
  • More notes on the ApRadar wiki page.

    Download / Compile
    To compile from source you need
    * a 2.6 kernel or a 2.4.20 or newer kernel
    * gtk+ 2.4 header files/static libs (libgtk+2.4_1-devel RPM, libgtk-2.0-dev debian)
    * gtkmm 2.4 header files/static libs (libgtkmm2.4_1-devel RPM, libgtkmm-2.4-dev debian)
    * libiw v27 header files/static libs (libiw27-devel RPM)

    Download the source tarball from the Sourceforge File List

    darcs users can get the source from the read-only darcs repository with:
    darcs get http://apradar.sourceforge.net/darcs/apradar

    Here is a quick compatibility test: run 'iwlist eth1 scanning', if that works, ap radar should work too.
    Next release: "When its ready" -- ID Software
  • root/user split - dbus daemon
  • better dhcp client control
  • update all fields after a scan (only signal strength is updated)
  • associate by BSSID, for when two APs have the same ESSID.
  • WEP key support
  • Profiles
  • Gnome panel docking
  • Gnome keyring support
    For developers: Design Notes
    For developers: Test Plan

  • The Wireless Extensions for Linux page by Jean Tourrilhes
  • HostAP, a most excellent driver for prism2 cards

    Hosting services graciously provided by SourceForge.net.
    More information is at the AP Radar Source Forge project page
  • Download AP Radar 0.52

    May 14 2004 -  Version 0.52 released, bugfixes
    Jan 10 2004 -  Version 0.50 released aka "The Green Doughnut release"
    Sep 18 2003 -  Jason McArthur contributed a gentoo ebuild file.
    Aug 23 2003 -  Version 0.43 released
    Jun 14 2003 -  Version 0.41 released
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