2 July 2002
	apradar stage 1 Profile Manager

	stand alone app.
       Window 1.
       AP RADAR----------------------------------------------------
                      ( ( ( [mini PTP tower] ) ) )

                                              |Profile Name    \./|
       ------------+                              +----------------
       User 1      |   Mode: Ad-Hoc               | AP 1
       User 2      |   ESSID: www.personaltelco   | AP 2*
       User 3      |   Channel: 4                 | AP 3
       User 4      |                              | AP 4
       Count       |   (associate)       	  | Count
       ------------+                              +----------------

       [MODE] [ESSID] [CH] [gateway name] [username]

	Graphical top line, possibly animated radar waves

	Status bottom line. MODE = ad-hoc, managed
	gateway name = name of nocat node (requires nocat support)
	               if no nocat support, use hostname or IP 
        username = logged in user (requires nocat support)

	Three panes, left center right. Center is for details.
	Click on user on the left, get user details in the center.
	click on AP on the right, get AP details in the center.

	version 2 ideas
	what if: movable/resizable/closable little mini-boxes
	User List
	AP List
	Login dialog

	Click and the window collapses to the top and bottom line only
	Click and it expands again

	Pull down list to make use of a profile. First entry is to edit profiles.
	Similar to Mozilla's bookmarks pulldown

	If clicked on an AP that has an essid specified in a profile, do we
	switch to that profile?
	Can a profile apply to more than one AP/AdHoc node?